Birmingham Central Synagogue
Inspirational, open and giving. Much more than just a place to pray.

  • Shomrei Shabbat hospitality for students and visitors
  • Central Deli - The only exclusive kosher shop in the Midlands
  • Unique concert programme with our classically trained Rabbi
  • First choice venue for Birmingham's Jewish Students
  • Modern building with shul, Beth Hamedresh and community centre
  • The West Midlands' only Mikvah on-site
  • Situated in leafy, affordable, Edgbaston - 1 mile from the city
  • Conference Centre offering kosher facilities up to 200 delegates

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events have been scheduled.

Make A Donation

Please consider donating to support our ongoing work. Every donation goes into Birmingham Central Synagogue towards providing services to our members, visitors, students and the wider community. You can make a donation by clicking below. If you would like a donation earmarked for a specific purpose, do let us know. Thank you.

It’s time to Join the United Synagogue

We are very excited at Central, having become a full constituent member of the United Synagogue in January 2017.

Now is a great time to join us. The United Synagogue is the largest Orthodox Synagogal movement in Europe, made up of over 60 communities. Joining Birmingham Central United Synagogue means you get all the flexibility of being able to move between any US community without losing any membership rights or benefits. The US Burial Scheme is open to all members of Central as an optional alternative to any local provision.

For more details call the shul office on 0121 440 4044 or click here to find out more and download our application form.

Service Times

w/c 23rd SeptemberShacharitMinchahMa'ariv
SUNDAY 8:30am 6:46pm & Yom Tov beginsAfter Minchah
MONDAY 1st Day Succot9:30am6:45pmAfter Minchah
TUESDAY 2nd Day Succot9:30am6:45pm7.46pm & Yom Tov ends
WEDNESDAY Chol Hamoed7:00am6:30pmAfter Minchah
THURSDAY Chol Hamoed7:00am6:30pmAfter Minchah
FRIDAY Chol Hamoed7:00am6:34pm & Shabbat beginsAfter Minchah
SHABBAT Chol Hamoed9:30am6:20pm7:37pm & Shabbat ends
All services are at Central. Monday & Tuesday are 1st & 2nd days Succot. Light candles for 2nd Day after 7.43pm on Monday.
Please note: Visitors not currently known to the synagogue should contact the synagogue office before attending a service.

Yamim Noraim Timetable

Shabbat & Yom Tov Times