Jewish Law requires that we do not possess any chamets for the duration of Pesach. In earlier times it was relatively straightforward to ensure that all chamets was either eaten or disposed of before Pesach. Today this may not be possible. The simple solution to this problem is to put away in a secure place any chamets that cannot be consumed before Pesach which can then be sold to a non-Jew.

The Rabbi is appointed as an agent to sell this chamets on your behalf. Whilst he would plan to buy the chamets back after Pesach, this is in no way a condition of the sale. In completing the form below, you are authorising Rabbi Yossi Hambling to sell your chamets. If you have any queries about this or other aspects of Pesach, please feel free to contact Rabbi Hambling on 07749 816811 or e-mail:

Similar to previous years, we have introduced an on-line form to make the sale of chamets as easy as pressing the send button below, but for those that want to complete a form by hand and return it to the office, you can download the form here.

Please make sure you enter your correct email address in the form, as once you have filled in the boxes below and pressed the “send” button, you will receive an email to this address which will act as proof that the form has been completed correctly and submitted to Rabbi Hambling.


I, the undersigned, fully empower and permit Rabbi Yossi Hambling to act on my behalf to sell all chametz owned by me as at Wednesday 5th April 2023 at 12.03pm and to lease all places wherein the chametz owned by me may be stored or found, especially in the premises specified below and elsewhere.

The chametz referred to in this document is all that which I own (knowingly or unknowingly) which is defined as chametz by both Torah and Rabbinic law, especially in the premises located at:

Rabbi Yossi Hambling has the full right to sell and to lease by transactions as he deems fit and proper for such time which he believes necessary in connection with all the detailed terms and forms as explained in the general contract of sale which will be drawn up by him to sell the chamets.

This authorisation is made part of that contract. I also give Rabbi Yossi Hambling full power to appoint a proxy in his place with full power to sell and lease as provided herein.

This authorisation is given in conformity with all Torah and Rabbinical regulations.

If you are going abroad for Pesach please state the location, as it may be necessary to sell your chamets at an earlier time

By pressing the Send button below, you submit this form for Rabbi Hambling to action on your behalf.