Dear ladies, you do not want to miss out on our next Rosh Chodesh gathering!

The meeting will take place on 4th December (not 3rd!) in the Vanessa Lounge.

Please join us for a fascinating evening with a very special guest from the Amiel Bakehila project – Penina Radai.

Penina Radai immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia during “Operation Moses” in 1984 with her grandparents.

After graduating from high school she served in the IDF for seven years as an officer and completed her services with the rank of captain. Penina has a B.A. in Communications and Sociology from Tel Aviv University and an M.A. in Non-Profit Management and Social Organisations from the Hebrew University. She specialises in non-profit organisations, the public sector and group leadership. Today Penina works as a Director of Training programmes at the Government National School for Leadership and Management which is part of the CSC – Israel civil service.

Penina has volunteered with various programmes that promote the Ethiopian community over the last twenty years. For the past six years, she has volunteered in a unique programme called “Sippur Al HaDerech” which means “a story about the journey”. Sippur al Haderech is a grassroots initiative that connects Israelis of various backgrounds with the story of the Ethiopian Jewish community. Penina also organises evenings for individuals and small groups where Ethiopian volunteers share their personal stories with audiences across Israel.

During the evening, Penina will share with us her story and that of the Ethiopian community in Israel.

Penina’s discussion topics are:

  • Aliya to Israel – the Journey from Sudan and “Operation Moses”.
  • Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Ethiopian Community Today in Israel.
  • The History of the Ethiopian Jewish Community.