Here is a summary of all the links to join the various programmes we have for Tisha B’av:

Wednesday 29th July

Thursday 30th July

  • 9:00am Kinnot with the Hertsfordshire group of US Rabbis – join by Zoom
  • 11:00am Rabbi Garber for thoughts on Tisha B’av – join by Zoom
  • 5:00pm Rabbi Shalom Hammer’s talk on grieving – join by Zoom
  • 7:30pm Mincha and Maariv Live from Central – watch on

We hope you will join us for this exciting Tisha B’av programme

Thanks go to Lenny Jacobs for his sponsorship of Rabbi Hammer’s talk in memory of his late parents and to the Office of the Chief Rabbi for their support in our on-line programming.

Click here for more details of the individual events